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Vehicle safety check is a procedure mandated by the government for state safety inspection. In which a vehicle is inspected to ensure that it complies with regulations governing safety, emissions, or both. Inspection can be required at periodically or on transfer of title to a vehicle.

Smog CheckRoads and maritime services maintain vehicle safety check and certification schemes to make sure that all vehicles meet minimum safety requirements. Most vehicles require an inspection before registration renewal. Smog Inspections and emissions safety check are usually included in this process. Inspections may vary according to vehicle types.

Here at Emissions, we offer these services, conducted by our professional inspectors. We have stations that are authorized to examine different vehicles types. This will ensure that examiners are qualified and that specific safety standards for different vehicle types are met.

If you need to get your car vehicle safety check assistance, contact us at Emissions in American Fork, UT today!

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