Emissions Safety Check

Here at Emissions, we offer emissions safety check. Most vehicle safety check programs require a periodical review of a car’s emission system to see if unacceptable levels of pollutants are being released. State safety inspection might conduct smog check and look at brakes, seat belts, tires, windshield, lights, suspension, etc.

In a “perfect” engine, oxygen from the air would convert all of the fuel’s hydrogen to water, and carbon to carbon dioxide. But no combustion process is perfect, so both gasoline and diesel vehicles are equipped with emission control systems that reduce pollutants are harmful to the environment or public health.

Ensure your vehicles’ condition by inquiring more about our emissions safety check. Let our professional team conduct proper inspection to lessen our environment’s current pollution problems. We are more than happy to offer you our vehicle safety inspections. Contact us at Emissions in American Fork, UT today!


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